Virtual File Cabinet

Online Math Community Page  “What we’ve done together”  Everything awesome on one page!!

Another page of links to resources and online tools.


Sam Shah’s Virtual Filing Cabinet

Trig War  (Sam Shah) Kids play “War” with cards showing trig values of special angles in degrees and radians.

Another Great Virtual Filing Cabinet for Precalc (also has Alg 1 and Alg 2)

It Really Is All About Lines (using linear equations to build quadratics, polynomials, & rational functions–includes sign test, zeros, inequalities, graphing)

Exponential & Logs & Inverse Function: Meg Craig’s Flowchart Approach to Solving Equations

Jonathan Claydon’s (Infinite Sums) List of Precalc Activities (also has Alg 2)

Envelope Curves for sinusoidal functions–very cool!

Great Activities for Learning Transformations of Sinusoids (Which one doesn’t belong, Desmos activities, reversing the question)

Sequences & Series Introduction Using a Card Sort Activity (Sam Shah)

AP Statistics

Data: World Factbook (CIA)

Resources  Lots of great activities/puzzles/worksheets for every math subject

4 Desmos Activity Builder Formative Assessment Ideas Great ideas from Bob Lochel

Vocabulary Cards  Great visuals of math vocabulary and concepts from elementary through Algebra 2 (which also covers some Precalc concepts). Especially good for those of us not using a textbook.

Research Randomizer  Generate sets of random numbers within chosen parameters. Ex: Give me 50 sets of 10 unique numbers between 1 and 100.

Interactive Notebooks: Getting Started , Helpful Tips , Notebook ChecksYear-End Evaluation

Meg Craig’s Tech Tips  See 20 day challenge link for Math Autocorrect in Word–a way to type lots of math symbols using keyboard shortcuts

Function Builder  Great interactive online function builder–guess the function, see inputs and outputs, etc.


Some great posts by Math With Bad Drawings:

A Mathematician’s Lament

Mathematical Modeling  A good definitions and description of the four step process from the Common Core website.

Dylan Kane’s A Rubric for the Mathematical Teaching Practices  A useful fleshing out of the 8 Mathematical Practices from Common Core

Reflections on a Career in Teaching  Good insights on assessment and what students retain and don’t retain and how to get them to retain more (also read the three links to What You Say/What They Hear in the blog post)

The #1 Thing We Need to Teach our Struggling Students–How to Advocate for Themselves

Seeing Struggling Learners as Sense Makers, Not as Mistake Makers

What Homework and Adaptive Platforms Are (and Aren’t) Good For & How Teachers Show They Care  A discussion of the efficacy and purpose of homework and adaptive educational software (like ALEKS) and a really good paragraph on how kids know that teachers care.

Five Things Every New Teacher Should Know About Classroom Management  Very common sense advice!

How to Incorporate Problem-Based Learning (Application Problems) into a unit and how not too. Good common-sense advice fro Robert Kaplinsky

“Slope becomes the formula”  

What It Feels Like to Be Bad at Math