Students Like Order

Yesterday and today, I was compiling the results of student surveys used to evaluate their teachers in the math department. We have one first year teacher who is struggling with classroom management. Not surprisingly, on the question which read “suggest one thing your teacher could do to improve”, 90% of her students said that she needed to be “more strict”, “send bad kids to the office”, “keep better control of the class”, “don’t let kids talk so much”, etc. One young man even admitted that he and his friends were not respectful to her and that she shouldn’t let them get away with that.

Kids like order. They might act like they don’t, but they do. And they said so, loud and clear, in their survey comments.

I am hoping that reading the students’ comments¬†will help our new teacher realize that managing the classroom well is not just something that she needs to do for herself, to keep her sanity, or for her boss, to keep her job, but for the students, who honestly want her to be more strict with them.