I just tweeted a few people and read some tweets. Nobody has tweeted back yet, but I have already found some amazing blogs and downloaded some great resources that I found on Twitter feeds. I can tell that my biggest problem will be managing my time and knowing when to stop.  I hope that I can cultivate a few like-minded Twitter pals to share ideas with.  I guess that the best thing I have learned is that all of these wonderful teachers who know how to use Desmos (I don’t) and attach links to Twitter feeds that have “bitly” in them (I don’t know how to do that either) and who use these amazing activities that I want to learn how to use still struggle with the same classroom issues and feelings of inadequacy that I have.  And they share the same joy when they try something new and it actually works!!  


2 thoughts on “Twitterized

  1. Hi Jane!
    You’ve made a great start to your blog. Loving it!
    Since characters are at a premium, Twitter automatically shortens links that are included in tweets. There are several different services that do this, and is one. The are more advanced uses for—like gathering data on the clicks on your link—but that’s the basic idea.
    I totally sympathize with your thought of “knowing when to stop” with Twitter. The nice thing is, you’re in control and can find what works for you in your own time. 🙂
    You’ve put some great tweets out there. I hope and bet you’ll get some good tweetbacks! Good luck exploring the MTBos!


  2. I’m still exploring Twitter as well. And I’ve found that the more I use it, the more helpful I’m finding it professionally. Welcome to Twitter!


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